Sleeping Eros

Κοιμώμενος Έρωτας (4)n Κοιμώμενος Έρωταςn

Artist: Nikolaos Tsadiotis

Place: Roundabout across Kostis Palamas square, Pafos Municipality. Pafos district.

Material: Marble

Category: Ancient Greek & Byzantine legacy 

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

Nikolaos Tsadiotis was a builder and chiseler from Tsada village (Pafos district). “Sleeping Eros” is a copy of a small sculpture of Eros found at the “House of Theseus” at Pafos archeological site, dated in the 1st c. B.C. and currently exhibited at Pafos archeological museum. Tsadiotis’ copy was commissioned by Pafos Municipality during Christodoulos Galatopoulos office in the context of Pafos embellishment and the promotion of the city’s Hellenicness.

Selected sources:
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