Fidias Symeonidis (Φειδίας Συμεωνίδης) and Tryfonas Tryfonas (Τρύφωνας Τρύφωνας) busts

Fidias Symeonidis n Tryfonas Tryfonas n   Fidias Symeonidis                                             Tryfonas Tryfonas

Ηρώον-προτομές Φειδία Συμεωνίδη και Τρύφωνα Τρύφωνος (2)n Ηρώον-προτομές Φειδία Συμεωνίδη και Τρύφωνα Τρύφωνος (5)n

Artist: Christos Symeonidis Chrisimos 

Location: Outside Lagoudera village. Nicosia district. 

Dimensions for both busts: 131 cm x 40~58 cm x 30~49 cm

Category: EOKA 1955-59, National Guard, Turkish Invasion

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

The initiative and the commission of Fidias Symenonidis’ bust were taken by his EOKA 1955-59 co-fighters in 1989. The bust was delivered in 2001. 

The initiative for Tryfonas Tryfonas’ bust was taken by the General Staff of the National Guard in 1984, and the cost was covered through private and state funds. Tryfonas’ bust was delivered in 2002. 

Adjacent to their busts a pedestal commemorates the two, listed as missing, Andreas K. Ioannou (Ανδρέας Π. Ιωάννου) and Panayiotis P. Chatzipanayioti (Παναγιώτης Π. Χ’’Παναγιώτη). The dove, symbol of peace and reassurance, nested in a crosswise arrangement of laurel branches, is a widespread symbolism of heroic sacrificial deeds in Cypriot memorials.

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