Μνημείο Ζήνωνα Κιτιέα (1)n Μνημείο Ζήνωνα Κιτιέα (3)n

Artist: Nikos Kouroussis 

Location: The University of Cyprus, 75 Kallipoleos Avenue, Aglandjia. Nicosia district 

Category: Modern sculpture

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

The artwork is dedicated to Zenon Kitiefs (Ζήνων Κιτιεύς) and was an initiative taken by the first University of Cyprus graduates of 1996. Zinon (334-363 B.C.) was originally from Kition, a village outside Larnaka city and lived in Athens, where he founded the stoic philosophical school. The unveiling took place in June 1996.