Memorial to the Limassol high school dead students during the Balkan Wars

Μνημείο πεσόντων Βαλκανικών πολέμων (3)n Μνημείο πεσόντων Βαλκανικών πολέμων (5)nΜνημείο πεσόντων Βαλκανικών πολέμων (4)n Μνημείο πεσόντων Βαλκανικών πολέμων (8)n

Artist: G.Ν.

Location: Lanitio high school 

Material: Marble

Category: War Volunteers, Public sculpture before 1960 

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

The initiative for the memorial was taken by the Limassol Greek School Supervision, and the Limassol high school. The unveiling took place on June 14th 1915.

On the lower parts of the obelisk are engraved verses of the Greek national anthem and Plato’s sayings which remind the high duty to safeguard motherland. On one of the surfaces a bas relief depicts an owl along with branches of laurel, symbols of wisdom and sacrificial death. 

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