Nikos Kranidiotis (Νίκος Κρανιδιώτης) bust

Νίκος Κρανιδιώτης (1)n Νίκος Κρανιδιώτης (4)n

Artist: Giorgos Kalakallas 

Location: Adjacent to Engomi 1st elementary school. Nicosia district 

Dimensions: 157 cm (the pedestal)

Category: Public Figures

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

Nikos Kranidiotis was a diplomat, an educator and a writer. The bust was commissioned in 1998 by the author Andreas Tsouras as an offer to the Kranidiotis’ family. The unveiling took place on January 8th 2001 and during the same ceremony the Municipality Park was renamed as Nikos Kranidiotis Park.

On the pedestal is written: “We will stand on this land where we were born, keeping alive the memory of our ancestors; with love for our descendants; and a blissful serenity inside us” (Θα σταθούμε στη γη που μας γέννησε με τη μνήμην εκείνων που διάβηκαν, την αγάπη για κείνους που θα’ρθουνε και τη θεία γαλήνη στα σπλάχνα μας).

Selected sources:
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