Freedom message to the world


3n 1n

Artist: Philippos Yiapanis

Location: Cavo Greco, Agia Napa. Ammochostos district. 

Material: Brass and stainless steel 

Dimensions: Approximate height: 3.60 meters

Category: Modern sculpture

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

On September 8th 1999, Phillipos Yiapanis submitted to the Agia Napa Municipality authorities his thoughts with regard to the sculpture he had already proposed. Part of the project description is phrased as follows: 

“The birds will be facing east, welcoming the new millennium. They are arranged in an ascending form, symbolizing the sun’s path. This rising line could also symbolize Agia Napa’s growth. The sphere is an allegory of earth […]. The lamina symbolizes the wave (the sea) and the birds, coming from the sea, are sitting on the waves”.

On the dedicatory plaque, on the basis of the artwork, Yiapanis notes: “From Cyprus, to the World. From Earth, to Eternity. Message of Peace, Friendship, Freedom. Belief to God and to Man. 1/1/2000 A.C.”.

Selected sources
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