Γλυπτό Διδυμοποίηση (5)n Γλυπτό Διδυμοποίηση (10)n

Artist: Philippos Yiapanis

Location: Triandrias (Triumvirate) square, Mesa Geitonia. Limassol district

Category: Modern sculpture, International relations

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

The work was commissioned by the Mesa Geitonia Municipality on the occasion of its twining with Triandrias (Triumvirate) Municipality of Thessaloniki, Greece. The unveiling took place on April 10th 2009.

Yiapanis’ characteristic fluid shapes are applied here in the forms of two birds. Their naturalistic features gave way to two abstractive forms which underline sameness through the repetition, and preserve the artist’s familiar upwards motion of his artworks.