Anelixis (Advancement)

Ανέλιξις (2)n Ανέλιξις (4)n

Artist: Costas Varotsos 

Location: Central Offices of former Popular (Laiki) Bank of Cyprus, Athalassas Avenue, Strovolos. Nicosia district. 

Material: Stainless steel and glass

Dimensions: 12 meters 

Category: Modern sculpture 

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

The artwork was commissioned in 1995 by the former Popular (Laiki) Bank of Cyprus (since April 2013 Bank of Cyprus). 

Costas Varotsos, one of the most renowned Greek sculptors of his generation, used the diagonal form and the spiral of the glass arrangement to capture the power of evolution, motion and advancement of the contemporary Cypriot society. 

“Anelixis” is Varotsos’ second public artwork in Cyprus: his “Poet”, made in 1983, is placed at Ammochostos Gate, the eastern entrance to the old city, close to the Green Line.