Memorial to the Cyprus Workers Confederation

Γλυπτό ΣΕΚ (1)n Γλυπτό ΣΕΚ (8)n

Artist: Philippos Yiapanis 

Location: Cypriot Workers Confederation (SEK) premises, Strovolos Avenue.    Nicosia district 

Category: Workers’ movement

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

The monument was commissioned by the Cypriot Workers Confederation (SEK). The unveiling took place on January 25th 2003. 

Although the monument claims to celebrate a workers’ victory, the broken chain and the torch between the two figures bears direct implications to the national victories. Whatever the celebration is, the overflowing sentiment here is illustrated through the intense diagonal lines of the male and the female bodies, the stretching of her limbs and the playful mood of the child. In contrast to the norm, this woman is the only one depicted in public sculpture in Cyprus, along with Eleni Siakola, to wear ordinary modern clothes and thus appears part of a contemporary community.