Inter-communal conflicts 1963-64

The trigger for the 1963-64 inter-communal conflicts was the thirteen amendments to the Constitution which President Archbishop Makarios III had suggested. The revisions were rejected by the Turkish Cypriot part, which constituted only about 18% of the country’s population, because they would limit their political power. Subsequently, the segregation of the two communities which started in 1958 deepened even more and separate municipalities with autonomous administration began to develop in Cyprus’ five main cities. The armed conflicts in December 1963 between Turkish Cypriot members of paramilitary groups and the National Guard (see category National Guard) turned that Christmas into what became known as “bloody Christmas”. 

Extensive conflicts took place during the following year where atrocities were committed by both sides. Considerable numbers of victims were counted, though mainly on the Turkish Cypriot part, where they were counted in thousands.

Andreas D. Geroudis (Ανδρέας Δ. Γερούδης) bust

Andreas Geroudis (Ανδρέας Γερούδης) bust

Christakis Ptochopoulos (Χριστάκης Πτωχόπουλος) bust

Demetris Hamatsos (Δημήτρης Χάματσος) statue

Dimitrakis Papamiltiadis (Δημητράκης Παπαμιλτιάδης) bust

Dimitrakis Papamiltiadous (Δημητράκης Παπαμιλτιάδους) bust

Dr. Dimitrios Mavrogenis bust


Georgios Eikosaris (Γεώργιος Εικοσάρης) bust

Georgios Chr. Katsaris (Γεώργιος Χρ. Κατσαρής) bust

Georgios S. X’’Yiannis (Γεώργιος Σ. Χ’’Γιάννης) bust

Lazaros Georgiou (Λάζαρος Γεωργίου) statue

Liberty monument – Memorial for the Polemi dead 

Major General Tasos Markou (Τάσος Μάρκου) statue

Memorial to Anafotia heroes

Memorial to Archbishop Makarios III and to the dead fighters from Pafos

Memorial to the 1964 dead from Pafos

Memorial to the Aradippou dead during the national fights

Memorial to the Armou dead

Memorial to the Dali dead and missing

Memorial to the dead and missing

Memorial to the dead and missing of Empa & Georgios Christoforou bust

Memorial to the dead of the “Pharos” union

Memorial to the dead Policemen

Memorial to the dead sailors 1964-1974

Memorial to the Galata dead

Memorial to the Geri dead and missing

Μemorial to the Kouklia dead

Memorial to the Lakatamia dead and missing & Grigoris Afxentiou (Γρηγόρης Αυξεντίου) bust

Memorial to the Latsia dead and missing

Memorial to the Letymvou dead

Memorial to the Morfou dead and missing

Memorial to the Tsada dead & Evagoras Pallikaridis (Ευαγόρας Παλληκαρίδης) bust

Pavlos Irakleous (Παύλος Ηρακλέους) and Kostas Karnavalos (Κώστας Καρνάβαλος) busts

Yiannakis Aeroporos (Γιαννάκης Αεροπόρος) bust