Inter-communal conflicts 1967

After the bloody Tylliria conflicts of 1964 there was a cease-fire between the two ethnic communities. In 1966, when the Turkish commander prohibited the Greek Cypriot police patrols in the mixed population village of Agios Theodoros, a new revival of the tension was caused. In 1967, the interference of the National Guard under the command of Georgios Grivas (known by the nickname ‘Digenis’, see category EOKA 1955-59) with an aim of patrolling the Turkish Cypriot enclaves of Agios Theodoros and Kofinou villages escalated the conflict and resulted in severe fighting towards the end of the same year. As a consequence Turkey sent an ultimatum demanding the recall to Athens of both the Greek army division and General Georgios Grivas.

“Evmenios Panayiotou” (Ευμένιος Παναγιώτου) Memorial to the Commandos

Memorial to Archbishop Makarios III and to the dead fighters from Pafos

Memorial to the Pachna Heroes