National Guard

During 1964 inter-communal conflicts, General Georgios Grivas (known as ‘Digenis’, see category EOKA 1955-59) returned from his exile in Athens to Cyprus and organized the National Guard to be entirely manned by Greeks and Greek Cypriots. The aim of the National Guard was to coordinate in a more effective way the Greek Cypriot defense against the Turkish Cypriots. The National Guard was the main actor during the 1964 inter-communal conflicts at Tylliria area, in the north part of the island.

Fidias Symeonidis (Φειδίας Συμεωνίδης) and Tryfonas Tryfonas (Τρύφωνας Τρύφωνας) busts

General Evaggelos Florakis (Ευάγγελος Φλωράκης) statue

Memorial to Evaggelos Florakis (Ευάγγελος Φλωράκης) and the National Guard officers

Memorial to the dead and to Nikitari Mother

Memorial to the National Guard Chief Officers – Helicopter crash

Memorial to the Paralimni dead and missing

Memorial to the Polis Chrysochou dead

Thanos Georgiou Kleovoulou (Θάνος Γεωργίου Κλεοβούλου) bust