Political assassinations

From 1960, and until shortly after the 1974 coup, a series of political assassinations took place among Greek Cypriots of opposing political stances. The unfulfilled goal of official union (enosis) with Greece (see categories Union (enosis) and EOKA 1955-59) and Makarios’ III gradual abandonment of the union goal, gave rise to the paramilitary groups of National Front (1969-1970) and EOKA B’, in 1971 (see category 1974 Coup). These conflicts regarding what was considered to be the “correct” way to serve the nation’s ideals peaked between 1972-1974.

Aristoklis Avgousti (Αριστοκλής Αυγουστή) bust

Doros Loizos (Δώρος Λοΐζος) bust

Evripidis Nouros (Ευριπίδης Νούρος) bust

Georgios Fotiou (Γεώργιος Φωτίου) bust

Kostas Misiaoulis (Κώστας Μισιαούλης) and Dervis Ali Kavazoglu (Ντερβίς Αλί Καβάζογλου) busts

Kyriakos (Κυριάκος) and Sotiris (Σωτήρης) Papalazarou (Παπαλαζάρου) busts

Stelios Mavros (Στέλιος Μαύρος) bust