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Trooditissa Bishop Epiphanios Aggelidis (Ηγούμενος Τροοδιτίσσης Επιφάνιος Αγγελίδης) bust

Ηγούμενος Τροοδιτίσσης Επιφάνιος (1)n Ηγούμενος Τροοδιτίσσης Επιφάνιος (4)n

Artist: Unknown

Location: Bishop Epiphanios square, Agios Amvrosios. Limassol district 

Dimensions: 115 cm x 36 cm x 32 cm

Category: Cypriot Church, Public Figures

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

Bishop Epiphanios Aggelidis had founded the first elementary school at Agios Amvrosios village. The initiative was taken by the Agios Amvrosios community board and the unveiling took place on November 22nd 2009.