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Olympic Hall Sculptures

Alliancen Citius, Altius, Fortiusn                Alliance                                                            Citius, Altius, Fortius

Blue Paralympicsn Boxern                             Blue Paralympics                                                Boxer  

Collective Dreamn Free as the windn                                           Collective Dream                                 Free as the Wind

Japanese Girl with ribbonn    Japanese Girl With Ribbon                                   

Olympic Spiritn Stainless Dreamsn                                                        Olympic Spirit                                 Stainless Dreams

Synchronized SwimmingnWithout an endn      Synchronized Swimming                                    Without an end

Αφανής Αρμονίη (Hidden Harmony) (2)n Αφανής Αρμονίη (Hidden Harmony) (3)n Afanis Armonie                                                            

Αφανής Αρμονίη (Hidden Harmony) (4)n Αφανής Αρμονίη (Hidden Harmony)n Afanis Armonie                                                  

 Γενική όψη του χώρου (5)n General view of Olympic Hall Sculptures

Olympic Hall Sculptures

Olympic premises, Amphipolis Avenue, Strovolos. Nicosia district

 Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

The initiative for the artworks was taken in 2006 by the Cyprus Olympic Committee. 

Today, twelve artworks made by eleven Cypriot or Cypriot based artists are placed on the ground floor of the Cyprus Olympic premises. All of them refer to the Olympic spirit. In addition to the Cyprus Olympic Committee, each artwork was sponsored by a private entity. 

In front of the Olympic premises is placed Philippos Yiapanis’ Olympic Spirit. The unveiling took place on June 10th 2010. This artwork is the only one commissioned entirely by the Cypriot Olympic Committee.

Title: Alliance

Artist: Theodoulos Gregoriou 

Sponsor: Associations of ΕΟΚΑ 1955-59 fighters 


Title: Synchronized Swimming

Artist: Klitsa Antoniou 

Sponsor: Nikolas K. Shacolas


Title: Free as the Wind

Artist: Maria Papacharalambous 

Sponsor: Aristo Developers


Title: Japanese Girl with Ribbon

Artist: Athina Antoniadou 

Sponsor: Louis Group


Title: Blue Paralympics 

Artist: Lia Lapithi Soukiouroglou 

Sponsor: Amberia Global Ventures Ltd


Title: Stainless Dreams

Artist: Helene Black

Material: Stainless steel 

Sponsor: Strovolos Cooperative Bank 


Title: Citius, Altius, Fortius

Artist: Helene Black

Material: Stainless steel, laminated glass, solar beads, UV fluorescent light

Dimensions: 195 cm x 115 cm x 35cm

Sponsor: Stelios and Chrysi Aggelodimou family

Citius, Altius, Fortius was the ancient Olympic games’ motto for all the athletes. It means Quicker, Higher and Stronger, and underlines the value of personal achievements and completion. 


Title: Afanis Armonie (Αφανής Αρμονίη)

Artist: Nikos Kouroussis 

Sponsor: Laiki Group

The title “Hidden Harmony” (Αφανής Αρμονίη) makes part of Heraclitus’ sayings. Kouroussis artwork attempts to highlight the importance of that ancient Greek value in everyday life.


Title: Boxer 

Artist: Giorgos Kypris 

Sponsor: Laiki Group 

Mohamed Ali was the inspiring model for Giorgos Kypris’ work who attempts to capture the athlete’s rhythm through the repetition of the form. 


Title: Collective Dream

Artist: Melita Couta 

Sponsor: Phanos N. Epiphaniou Ltd 

Melita Kouta’s work comments the power of the social body to encourage the athletes’ efforts. 


Title: Without an end 

Artist: Achilleas Kentonis 

Sponsor: Hellenic Petroleum Cyprus (EKO) Ltd

Kentonis comments the athletic arena as the meeting point of humans’ best intentions and efforts. 


Passing Moments

Γλυπτό Ελληνικής Τράπεζαςn

Artist: Helene Black

Location: Hellenic Bank Head offices, Athalassas Avenue, Strovolos. Nicosia district

Material: Stainless steel

Dimensions: 3 meters the diameter x 2 meters in height

Category: Modern sculpture

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

The artwork is an in situ piece, especially designed for the Hellenic Bank Head Offices. It was commissioned in 2003 and includes motion through light sensitivity, so it opens with daylight and closes at dusk.


2nd Symposium, Limassol

Christos Riganasn Helene Black n

Christos Riganas                                         Helene Black

Helene Blackn Manolis Tzobanakisn

   Helene Black                                Manolis Tzobanakis

Giorgos HouliarasnVassilis Vassilin

                                  Giorgos Houliaras                               Vassilis Vassili

Maria Kyprianoun

                                                               Maria Kyprianou

2nd Sculpture Symposium


Photography: Vicky Karaiskou

Six artists, four from Greece and two from Cyprus, participated in the second symposium.

Helene Black (Cyprus), “Framed views”
The three frames, made of iron and neon, are arranged in a way to interlock and penetrate space providing framed (and thus restricted) views of the sea or the city, depending on the viewer’s point of view.

Maria Kyprianou (Cyprus), “Birth”
Kyprianou uses the archetypal symbol of life, the egg, as an allegory to gestation and time.

Manolis Tzobanakis (Greece), “Sacrifice”
Using reinforced concrete and stainless steel, two materials characteristic of Tzobanakis’ work, he creates a snapshot of despair and agony, physical or emotional, which consumes the trapped human figure.

Giorgos Houliaras (Greece), “Synthesis”
In a block of marble Houliaras unfolds the potential shapes of life which can emerge from an amorphous raw material, commenting on the multiple possible options coexisting at the ‘beginning’.

Christos Riganas (Greece), “Alcyone”
Riganas uses the myth of Alcyone to comment on human hubris, punishment and compassion.

Vassilis Vassili (Greece), “Way out”
Vassislis Vassili’s core raw stone creates a spontaneous discomfort to the viewer who cannot overlook the stiffness and the bland statement of its monolithic existence.


Past presence

Γλυπτό Past Presence (2)n Γλυπτό Past Presence (3)n

Artist: Helene Black

Location: Pafos International Airport

Material: Steel, metallic auto paint, granite, fluorescent lights 

Category: Modern sculpture

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

The work was commissioned in 2008 by the Hermes Airports and is installed at the entrance to Pafos airport. 

The metallic, two dimension cruciform female figures are originated from the picrolite figurines dated in the Chalcolithic period of the island (approximately 3.500-2.400 B.C). Following the shapes of their original prototype, Helene Black’s figurines are geometric, built on clear vertical and horizontal lines, indicating their particular features with cuts in their metallic surface. The picrolite Chalcolithic figurines symbolized fertility and a considerable number of them were found in the area of Palaipafos, nearby the airport, where one of the most celebrated Afrodite’s sanctuaries was located. Hence, it is believed that over time they developed into the cult of Aphrodite, goddess of fertility, too. 

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