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Christakis Ptochopoulos (Χριστάκης Πτωχόπουλος) bust

Προτομή Χριστάκη Πτωχόπουλ copy n

Προτομή Χριστάκη Πτωχόπουλου (1) n

Artist: Kyriakos Kallis 

Location: Aristofanous St., in the square opposite Agios Nikolaos Drosias church, Larnaka. Larnaka district. 

Material: Brass 

Dimensions: 166 cm x 55 cm x 35 cm

Category: Inter-communal conflicts 1963-64

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

The bust was commissioned by the Prochopoulos’ family, and by Rikkos Pattichis, head of Drosia community and president of the Church committee. The unveiling took place on April 1st 1997.