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Memorial to Stylianos Lenas (Στυλιανός Λένας) and to Dimitrakis Christodoulou (Δημητράκης Χριστοδούλου)

Μνημείο Αγωνιστών ΕΟΚΑ Στυλιανού Λένα και Δημτράκη Χριστοδούλου (3)n Μνημείο Αγωνιστών ΕΟΚΑ Στυλιανού Λένα και Δημτράκη Χριστοδούλου (6)n

Artist: Unknown 

Location: Panayia church yard, Potamitissa. Limassol district 

Material: Marble

Category: ΕΟΚΑ 1955-59

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

The initiative for the memorial was taken in 1961 by the Potamitissa Orthodox Institution (ΘΟΙ/ΤΗΟΙ), and the Potamitissa Orthodox Christian Youth Union. Due to erosion over time, in 1998 a new construction, an exact copy of the original, replaced the old. The initiative for this restoration work was taken by the Potamitissa emigrants’ association and the Potamitissa community. The unveiling took place on May 28th 2000.

The memorial replicates all the familiar and symbolic visual patterns of Greek antiquity and 19th century neoclassicism in Greece. The fluted pillars standing on elaborated, tall bases are crowned with capitals decorated with astragals and darts, topped with palmette motifs. The white marble used in all the parts of the memorial accentuates further the links to the Greek architecture tradition. The familiar black and white photographs of the two fighters are framed with laurel wreaths and Greek flags. The two angels or victories above them, each holding a laurel wreath underline their sacrificial death and imply their lofty deeds. Between them, the bas relief with the wailing female figure, mother, wife or motherland, is reminiscent of the pain and the unhealed trauma. At the same time it replicates a familiar pattern used in 19th century Greece to symbolize death and grief. Last but not least, the demarcation of the commemorative place with fencing links it directly to the elaborated and prominent tombs of Athens’ 1st cemetery. 


Dimitrakis Christodoulou (Δημητράκης Χριστοδούλου) bust

1n 3n


Artist: Unknown

Location: Central square, Deryneia. Ammochostos district. 

Material: Marble 

Dimensions: 156 cm x 39 cm x 25 cm

CategoryEOKA 1955-59

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

The unveiling of the monument took place on June 12th 1966. In December 2001, Deryneia Municipality authorities decided to reposition the location of the bust within the square, in an effort to harmonise its presence with the rest of the surrounding buildings. That action caused intense complains from the deceased’s family and the local nationalistic union. The solution they proposed was dictated by the rational that busts and monuments in general hold a crucial role in collective memory and should be treated accordingly.  

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