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2nd Symposium, Polis Chrysochou

Aktham Abdul Hamidn Andreas Moditisn
Aktham Abdul Hamid                     Andreas Moditis

Andreas Tamamounasn
Andreas Tamamounas

                              Arsenty Lysenkov n Arsenty Lysenkovn                                            Arsenty Lysenkov

          General viewn

                                    Petre Petrov n Petre Petrovn                                                Petre Petrov

Pontus Ersbackenn
Pontus Ersbacken

Tanjia Roeder n Tanjia Roedern
Tanjia Roeder

2nd Symposium

September 14-24, 2010

Category: Modern sculpture, Symposia

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou
The symposium was organized by the Polis Chrysochou Municipality and The Friends of Fine Arts association, and was funded by the Municipality, the “Friends” and the Ministry of Education. Five professional sculptors participated after submitting their proposal to the organizing committee. Additionally two locals, self-taught, were invited by the Municipality. All of them worked with a piece of at least 2 cubic meters local stone. All the works are titled as “Untitled”. The participant sculptors were: Aktham Abdul Hamid from Syria, Arsenty Lysenkov from Russia, Petre Petrov from Bulgaria, Pontus Ersbacken from Sweden, Tanjia Roeder from Germany, Andreas Constantinou and Andreas Tamamounas from Cyprus.


Kimon the Athenian bust

Προτομή Κίμωνα Αθηναίου (1)n Προτομή Κίμωνα Αθηναίου (5)n Προτομή Κίμωνα Αθηναίου (7)n

Artist: Constantinou Andreas Moditis 

Location: Polis Chrysochou Cultural Center 

Material: Stone

CategoryAncient Greek and Byzantine legacy 

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

The bust was commissioned by the Polis Chrysochou Municipality and the unveiling took place on September 20th 2011.