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Memorial to the Polis Chrysochou dead

Αντώνης Φοίβου Ρωσσίδης (1)n Αντώνης Φοίβου Ρωσσίδης (4)n Γεώργιος Στυλιανού (1)n Γεώργιος Στυλιανού (2)n Στυλιανού και Ρωσσίδης (1)n Στυλιανού και Ρωσσίδης (2)nΓεώργιος Στυλιανού (5)n

Artists: Unknown (for Stylianou), Christos Symeonidis Chrisimos (for Rossidi)

Location: Apostle Andreas church yard at Polis Chrysochou. Pafos district. 

Material: Marble

Dimensions: 155 cm x 36 cm (Stylianou’ bust), 136 cm x 40 cm (Rossidi’ bust)

Category: EOKA 1955-59, National Guard 

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

The memorial is dedicated to Georgios Stylianou (Γεώργιος Στυλιανού) and to Antonis Fivou Rossidi (Αντώνης Φοίβου Ρωσσίδη). Stylianou’ bust was commissioned in 1960 by the Greek Cypriots from Polis Chrysochou living in Darwin, Australia. According to sources the sculptor was from Athens, Greece.

Antonis Fivou Rossidi was member of the National Guard. His bust was commissioned in 2003. No further information on Rossidi’s commissioners is available.

Selected sources:
Φιλελεύθερος (Fileleftheros), October 27, 1960, p. 6.