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Memorial to the Armenian Genocide

Μνημείο Αρμενικής Γενοκτονίας (1) n

Μνημείο Αρμενικής Γενοκτονίας (12) n  Μνημείο Αρμενικής Γενοκτονίας (14) n

Artist: Giorgos Kalakallas 

Location: Larnaka marina, Finikoudes beach walk, Athinon Avenue. Larnaka district. 

Material: Brass and granite 

Category: Armenians, International relations, Inter-communal relations, Modern sculpture

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

The monument marks the place where Armenian refugees, fleeing persecution during the “Armenian massacres” or “Great Crime” of 1915, first landed in Cyprus. According to the plaque inserted on the nearby wall “It represents the gratitude of the Armenian nation towards the people of Cyprus for their assistance and generosity to those refugees and stands in memory of the countless victims of the Armenian genocide”. 

The creation of the memorial was a joint effort on part of Cyprus and Armenia. It was initiated by the Armenian Representative in the Cypriot parliament Bedros Kalaydjian and funded by Cyprus government. The unveiling took place on May 28th 2008. 

Selected sources:
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Μνημείο πεσόντων κατά τις μάχες της Τηλλυρίας 1964 (3)n Μνημείο πεσόντων κατά τις μάχες της Τηλλυρίας 1964 (20)n

Artist: Giorgos Kalakallas 

Location: Agios Rafael church, Pachyammos. Nicosia district. 

Material: Copper

Category: Inter-communal conflicts 1963-64

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

The memorial is dedicated to those who died during the Tylliria fights. According to the commemorative inscription: “The above are the names of soldiers, members of the National Guard, and civilians who were killed during the fights against Turkish troops in August 1964 at Tillyria area”.

The initiative was taken by the union of the families of the dead, the ex Deputy Governor of Pachyammos’ National Guard, Theodoros Papadopoulos, and the Agios Rafael church administrator. The unveiling took place on August 7th 1994.