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Tefktros Anthias (Τεύκρος Ανθίας) bust

Προτομή Τεύκρου Ανθία (1) n Προτομή Τεύκρου Ανθία (4) n

Artist: Leonidas Spanos 

Location: Larnaka Municipality Garden. Larnaka district. 

Material: Brass 

Dimensions: 157 cm x 49 cm x 50 cm

Category: Public Figures

Photography:Evangelia Matthopoulou

Tefktros Anthias (1903-1968) was a Cypriot poet. His bust was commissioned by AKEL (Progressive Party of Working People) and the unveiling took place on December 1st 1999.


Theodoros A. Papakonstantis (Θεόδωρος Α. Παπακωνσταντή) bust

Προτομή Θεόδωρου Α. Παπακωνσταντή (1)n Προτομή Θεόδωρου Α. Παπακωνσταντή (2)n

Artist: Leonidas Spanos 

Location: Lympia square, adjacent to the elementary school. Nicosia district

Material: Bronze 

Dimensions: 124 cm (+ 42 cm the steps) x 69 cm x 47 cm

Category: Turkish Invasion

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

The initiative for the memorial was taken by the Lympia “Olympia” union. The unveiling took place on November 1st 1992.