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2nd Symposium, Kato Polemidia

Agnessa Petrovan Ali Al Mahmeedn

Agnessa Petrova                       Ali Al Mahmeed

Andrei V. Balashovn Arlindo Arezn

                                  Andrei V. Balashov                             Arlindo Arez

Christos Lanitisn Miguel Islan

                          Christos Lanitis                                                     Miguel Isla

Petre Petrov (2)n Xavier Gonzalezn

                                     Petre Petrov                                             Xavier Gonzalez

2nd Symposium 

October 10-25, 2009

The second symposium at Kato Polemidia was organized by The Friends of Fine Arts and the Kato Polemidia Municipality. It was funded by the Ministry of Education, the Kato Polemidia Municipality and The Friends of Fine Arts. Ten professional sculptors participated after submitting their proposals to the organizing committee. All of them worked with a piece of at least 2 cubic meters local stone. All the works are titled as “Untitled”. 

The participant sculptors were: Agnessa Petrova from Bulgaria, Ali Al Mahmeed from Bahrain, Andrei V. Balashov from Russia, Arlindo Arez from Portugal, Miguel Isla from Spain, Daniel Jones from England, Obai Hattoum from Syria, Xavier Gonzalez from France, Petre Petrov from Bulgaria, Christos Lanitis from Cyprus. 

After the conclusion of the symposium the works by Miguel Isla and Christos Lanitis were placed at Kale Vounari location, with the sculptures from the first symposium. The sculptures by Agnessa Petrova, Ali Al Mahmeed, Andrei V. Balashov, Arlindo Arez, Xavier Gonzalez and Petre Petrov (who participated in both symposiums) are placed at a road junction on Pafou Avenue, in the Kato Polemidia town.