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Frixos Dimitriou (Φρίξος Δημητρίου) bust

Φρίξος Δημητρίου (1)n Φρίξος Δημητρίου (3)n

Artist: Yiannis Parmakelis 

Location: Panayia Faneromeni Church, Pano Platres. Limassol district 

Dimensions: 153 cm (+ 20 cm +14 cm steps) x 40 cm x 34 cm

Category: Public Figures

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

Frixos Dimitriou was a benefactor. The bust was completed in 1972. No further information is available. 


Stelios Mavros (Στέλιος Μαύρος) bust

Προτομή Στέλιου Μαύρου (7)n Προτομή Στέλιου Μαύρου (10)n

Artist: Chrysostomos Perdios

Location: Stelios Mavros Park, Pano Platres. Limassol district

Dimensions: 154 cm (+44 cm steps) x 38 cm x 30 cm

Category: Political assassinations

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

Stelios Mavros was murdered in January 1974 by EOKA B’ supporters. No further information is available. The unveiling took place on September 17th 1978.

Selected sources:
~ Φιλελεύθερος (Fileleftheros), September 16, 1978, p. 9.
~ Χαραυγή (Haravgi), September 19, 1978, p. 2.


Andreas Paraskeva (Ανδρέας Παρασκευά) bust

Προτομή Ανδρέα Παρασκευά (2)n Προτομή Ανδρέα Παρασκευά (4)n

Artist: Unknown

Location: Pano Platres. Limassol district

Dimensions: 185 cm x 40 cm x 28 cm

Category: Turkish Invasion

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

The initiative was taken by the “Andreas Paraskevas” union. The unveiling took place on July 27th 1986.

Selected sources:
~ Σημερινή (Simerini), August 2, 1986, p. 6.