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Nikodimos Mylonas Bishop of Kition (Μητροπολίτης Κιτίου Νικόδημος Μυλωνάς) bust

Νικόδημος Μυλωνάς και Μεταξάκης n

Προτομή Νικόδημου Μυλωνά n

Artist: Antonis Sohos 

Location: Outside the premises of the Diocese of Kition. Larnaka district.  

Material: Pentelic marble 

Dimensions: ~2 meters

Category: Union (enosis), Cypriot Church, Public sculpture before 1960 

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

The bust was commissioned in 1950 by the Diocese of Kition. The Bishop’s bust is located along with the Bishop’s Meletios Metaxakis at the entrance of the Diocese. The unveiling took place on October 19th 1952.


Abbot Iakovos Michailidis Myrianthefs bust

Ηγούμενος Μυριανθέας (1)n Ηγούμενος Μυριανθέας (5)n

Artist: Antonis Sohos

Location: Agios Neofytos monastery

Material: Marble

Category: Cypriot Church

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

The bust was commissioned by Agios Neofytos monastery and the unveiling took place after 1949.