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Memorial to the EOKA 1955-59 fighters

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Artist: Theodoros Vasiliou 

Location: Palaichori Orinis. Nicosia district

Material: Marble and copper

Category: ΕΟΚΑ 1955-59

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

The memorial is dedicated to Michalis Karaolis (Μιχάλης Καραολής), Kyriakos Matsis (Κυριάκος Μάτσης) and Nikos Georgiou (Νίκος Γεωργίου).  The initiative was taken by Zina Kanther who funded its construction. The unveiling took place on November 19th 1961. 


Memorial to the Cypriot mother and the EOKA 1955-59 fighters

Μνημείο Κυπρίας Μάνας Παλαιχώρι (8)n Μνημείο Κυπρίας Μάνας Παλαιχώρι (24)n

Μνημείο Κυπρίας Μάνας Παλαιχώρι (7)n

Artist: Theodoros Vasiliou 

Location: Palaichori Orinis entrance. Nicosia district.

Dimensions: 159 cm x 111 cm x 159 cm the pedestal

2 meters the statue

Category: Cypriot Women, EOKA 1955-59

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

The oversized seated mother is the most impressive visual element of this memorial. The massive size and the layout are reminiscent of the colossal Egyptian seated statues. Her heavy body is covered with a long, plain dress and her head is wrapped in a headscarf, typical everyday attire of the peasants who were taking care of the family and assisting with working the fields. Her strictly frontal position, the clear and simple lines and volumes of the stone and the absolute lack of any motion and emotion make her seem disconnected from the dead fighters next to her. Under her feet the two lines from Aggelos Sikelianos poem “Alafroiskiotos”: “Mother you breast fed me with fire turning my heart into a shining star”, underline her role and duty in the Cypriot society.

Michalakis Karaolis (Μιχαλάκης Καραολής), Kyriakos Matsis (Κυριάκος Μάτσης) and Nikos Georgiou’ (Νίκος Γεωργίου) bas reliefs are presented on the nearby commemorative wall.

The initiative for the memorial was taken in 1961 by Polykarpos Yiorkatzis, the Paleochori athletic and cultural union (APOP). Zina Kanther funded the memorial. The unveiling took place on November 19th 1961. In 1982 Andros Kazamias undertook the preservation of the statue. 

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