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What is the Public art of Cyprus website?

This website is a thorough recording of all Public Art within the Republic of Cyprus. Public art in this case refers mainly to sculpture, but also includes bas reliefs, mosaics and mixed media constructions.

This webpage is the end result of a research program entitled “Cyprus: land of memories, places of art”, which started in 2011 and finished in 2013. The material collection concluded in the end of 2012. The program was funded by the Open University of Cyprus. The raw data is also available on the Open University of Cyprus official database, the “Kypseli” (Hive).

Coordinator and supervisor of the research is Vicky Karaiskou, Assistant Professor of Art History. Research assistant was Evangelia Matthopoulou, a Ph.D. student in Contemporary History of Cyprus at the University of Cyprus.

Structure of the website

The website is structured as to allow the visitor to search the public artworks in three different ways: through a thematic category; according to the location of the work (geographic area); or by artist.

In certain thematic categories we provided some background for those not familiar with the history and cultural heritage of Cyprus. In each geographic area a map is available allowing a more thorough understanding of the emotional geographies of the island. It could also serve as a basic guide to anybody who would wish to visit the locations. For non Cypriots, a distinct boundaries map is provided, and by clicking the region you are taken to the geographic district location. This map is accessed by clicking on the Geographic Area header. For artists with multiple works geographically dispersed the links of their works are available under their name.

Although each artwork is listed only under one specific geographic location and, naturally, corresponds to one artist, it can be associated with multiple thematic categories.


Information on factual data for the artworks has been sourced from the State Archive of Cyprus; the Advisory Monuments’ Committee (division of the Ministry of Education and Culture); the Historical Archive of the Board for the Historical Memory of the EOKA 1955-59 struggle (SIMAE); the archives of the Municipalities; and newspapers’ reports.

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The project team, December 2013