Evagoras M. Pallikaridis (Ευαγόρας Μ. Παλληκαρίδης) statue

Ε. Παλληκαρίδης (2)n Ε. Παλληκαρίδης (11)nΕ. Παλληκαρίδης (6)n

Artist: Nikolaos Kotziamanis

Location: Opposite Nikolaidio high school, Georgios Grivas Digenis Avenue,

Pafos Municipality. Pafos district.

Material: Brass

Dimensions: 3 meters

Category: EOKA 1955-59

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

Pallikaridis was the last Cypriot EOKA fighter to be executed by the British authorities. He was hanged at Nicosia central prison on March 14th 1957.

“Evagoras Pallikaridis” sports club took the initiative for the memorial in 1986 and it was funded by Loukas Pouroullis, a Cypriot expatriate in Africa. Its’ placement opposite  Nikolaidio high school (where Pallikaridis had been a student) raised objections among the Municipality’s authorities because of the incongruity with the already existing buildings.

An alternative location was proposed at “Dasoudi” area on the way to Tsada village, where Pallikaridis was detained. “Evagoras Pallikaridis” sports club members and his family, who supported the school area proposal, argued that a location at the center of the city was appropriate for his significance and the spot, being in visual contact with the school, would constantly remind and teach students of patriotic values. The unveiling took place on March 11th 1990 at the initially suggested (by his co-fighters) location opposite Nikolaidio high school.

Pallikaridis’ slightly modified words are written on the statue’s low pedestal:
“I will follow an uphill; I will follow paths; I will find the stairs that lead to freedom”. (Θα πάρω μια ανηφοριά, θα πάρω μονοπάτια, θα βρω τα σκαλοπάτια που παν στη λευτεριά).


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