Pashalis Pashalidis (Πασχάλης Πασχαλίδης) bust

Λοΐζου και Πασχαλίδης (2)n

Πασχάλης Πασχαλίδης (2)n

Artist: Marios Garyfalakis 

Location: Nikolaidio high school, Georgios Griva Digenis Avenue,

Pafos Municipality. Pafos district. 

Material: Marble

Dimensions: 167 cm x 48 cm x 35 cm

Category: Public Figures

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

Pashalidis was an educator. The memorial was commissioned by an ad hoc private committee for Pashalis Pashalidis bust; the Pafos Municipality; Nikolaidio high school board; and Pafos’ Greek unions. The unveiling took place on April 27th 1969. 

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