Pavlos Irakleous (Παύλος Ηρακλέους) and Kostas Karnavalos (Κώστας Καρνάβαλος) busts

 Προτομές Ηρακλέους και Καρνάβαλου (11)n Προτομές Ηρακλέους και Καρνάβαλου (10)n

Προτομές Ηρακλέους και Καρνάβαλου (4)n

Artist: Unknown

Location:  Mesa Chorio square. Pafos district.  

Dimensions: 137 cm x 58 cm

Category: Inter-communal conflicts 1963-64

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

The memorial was commissioned by the Mesa Chorio Community Committee and is located adjacent to the Community Committee building.