Evriviadis Antoniadis (Ευρυβιάδης Αντωνιάδης) bust

Προτομή Ευριβιάδη Αντωνιάδη (2) n Προτομή Ευριβιάδη Αντωνιάδη (4) n

Artist: Unknown 

Location: Acropolis square, adjacent to the Evriviadio high school, Larnaka. Larnaka district. 

Dimensions: 144 cm (+20 cm the step) x 55 cm x 56 cm

Category: Public Figures

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

The bust was made in Italy after the initiative of Larnaka Schools Committee in 1986. Antoniadis was a renowned Cypriot benefactor.