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Artist: Theodoulos Gregoriou

 Location: International Larnaka Airport front entrance. Larnaka district.

 Material: Stainless steel, aluminum, LEDs

 Category: Modern sculpture

 Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou 

Theodoulos Gregoriou is the only artist among the nine who worked on the Larnaka airport project to have his works (Hourglass and Cells) outdoors. Hourglass was installed in 2009 and measures “time through civilization where the past meets the future”. The steel cones are reminiscent to the cypress trees, closely connected with afterlife in the Greek tradition. The three steel heads, two male and one female squeezed between the mass of the cones, are emblematic of respective periods of ancient Greek art.

Selected sources:
~ Toumazis, Yiannis. 2009. Sense of Place. Nicosia.