Nearchos Kliridis (Νέαρχος Κληρίδης) bust

Νέαρχος Κληρίδης (2)n Νέαρχος Κληρίδης (6)n

Artist: Christos Symeonidis Chrisimos

Location: Agros. Limassol district

Material: Bronze

Dimensions: 137 cm x 45 cm x 34 cm

Category: Public Figures

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

Nearchos Kliridis was a teacher, writer and a scholar of folklore history. The bust was donated by the Photos Photiadis Foundation and Carlsberg Company. It was made in 1998 and the unveiling took place the following year, on October 10th.

Selected sources:
~ Φιλελεύθερος (Fileleftheros), February 4, 1999, p. 4.