Father Dositheos (Οικονόμος Δοσίθεος) bust

Οικονόμος Δοσίθεος (1)n Οικονόμος Δοσίθεος (3)n

Artist: Aristidis Anastasiadis

Location: At the entrance of Holy Cross Church yard, Omodos. Limassol district

Dimensions: 182 cm x 51 cm x 22 cm

Category: Cypriot Church

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

Father Dositheos was hanged in summer 1821, along with Archbishop Kyprianos and two more Bishops, because Greek Cypriots disobeyed the direct order of the Sultan not to interfere in the Greek War of the Independence. The initiative for the bust was taken in 1971 by the Omodos community committee in commemoration of 150 years since his martyrdom and death. An artistic competition call was issued in the beginning of 1972.

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