Andis Pernaris (Άντης Περνάρης) bust

Άντης Περνάρης (1)n Άντης Περνάρης (3)n

Artist: Nikos Dymiotis

Location: Nehru Avenue, Nicosia. Nicosia district

Material: Bronze

Dimensions: 137 cm x 52 cm x 34 cm

Category: Public Figures

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

Andis Pernaris was a poet, a journalist and a teacher. His real name was Andreas Pavlidis. His bust is aimed at promoting his identity as a poet. For this reason on the pedestal are engraved four verses commenting the fame after death and the importance of noble deeds.

The initiative for the bust was taken in 1985 by Pernaris’ sister, Dimitra Pavlidou, who commissioned the bust, and Nikos Panayiotou, officer of the Ministry of Culture. The unveiling took place on January 22nd 1986.

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