Ioannis Hadjipavlou Ioannides (Ιωάννης Xατζηπαύλου Ιωαννίδης) bust

Ιωάννης Χατζηπαύλου Ιωαννίδης (1)n Ιωάννης Χατζηπαύλου Ιωαννίδης (4) - Copyn

Artist: Leonidas Spanos

Location: Ioannis Hadjipavlou Ioannides Park, Engomi. Nicosia district

Category: ΕΟΚΑ 1955-59

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

The initiative was taken in 2001 by an ad hoc private committee composed of members of the KARI (Cypriot Fighters Venturesome Leaders) association. KARI was the group of Cypriot university students which Ioannis Hadjipavlou Ioannides had organized in Athens during his time there, after 1931. KARI members became EOKA members in the 1950s.

The unveiling took place on March 31st 2002. The park, initially named Agia Sofia Park, took his name after the unveiling of the monument.

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