The poet

Γλυπτό Ο Ποιητής (3)n Γλυπτό Ο Ποιητής (5)n

Artist: Costas Varotsos 

Location: Ammochostos Gate, Nicosia. Nicosia district 

Material: Iron and glass 

Dimensions: 6 meters 

Category: Modern sculpture

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

The sculpture was donated by Deste Foundation of Contemporary Art to the city of Nicosia. The president of Deste Foundation, Dakis Ioannou, a Cypriot in origin, is a very well known art collector of contemporary art worldwide. 

The “Poet” was made by Costas Varotsos in 1983, and in 1985 it was placed at Ammochostos Gate, the eastern entrance to the old city close to the Green Line. 

Costas Varotsos, one of the most renowned Greek sculptors of his generation, used glass in order to capture the power of motion, and virtually expand the poet’s presence in the public space. Glass is a characteristic material of Varotsos’ work but the “Poet” was the first work he attempted of this scale. His second attempt was in 1988 when he constructed the “Runner”, located in front of Hilton Hotel and the National Gallery in Athens.

The attempts to locate the “Poet” sculpture at “Ohi” (Όχι, No) square in the old city of Nicosia did not come to fruition. Consequently the artwork was moved and placed in the Ammochostos bastion gardens, a rather isolated and disproportionate spot compared with the Poet’s size and importance. 

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