The Resolution


Artist: Theodoulos Gregoriou 

Location: Border crossing on Ledras pedestrian, Nicosia. Nicosia district.

Material: Cement and aluminum 

Dimensions: 4.20 meters the diameter x 6 meters in height

Category: Turkish Invasion, Modern sculpture

Photography: Adrienne Christiansen & Evangelia Matthopoulou

The initiative for the artwork was taken in 1992 by the Nicosia Municipality. The Ministry of Education and Culture ran a competition in April and May 1995. Theodoulos Gregoriou won and his work was donated to the Nicosia Municipality by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture on the occasion of the European Cultural Month.

In October 1995 the artwork was placed in front of the National Guard border crossing post at the end of Ledras street. Gregoriou’ work is only meters before the Green Line that divides Nicosia since 1963. 

“The Resolution” is a protest to the violation of human rights. On the round cement basis of approximately a meter in height, part of the text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is written in embossed Greek letters. A stack of steel lances diagonally arranged hit the center of the text, symbolically destroying it.

Theodoulos Gregoriou is a renowned contemporary artist with important presence in the international art scene. Because of the proximity to the crossing point his choice was based on the thought that the artwork should insinuate its meaning rather than aggressively state it. His aim was to capture the attention of those passing and engage them in a thought process. 

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