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Artist: Theodoulos Gregoriou

Location: International Larnaka Airport front entrance. Larnaka district.

Material: Cement, inox, minerals, LEDs

Category: Modern sculpture

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

Theodoulos Gregoriou is the only artist among the nine who worked on the Larnaka airport project to have his works (Cells and Hourglass) outdoors. 

The Cells were installed in 2009 and in a way they are connected to the nearby Hourglass. While the latter comments time-stream, the Cells refer to the basic carrier of life, and thus time, the biological cell. Cells bear certain configurations but at the same time retain the ability to evolve in infinite directions assuming a wide range of material forms, depending on the correlated ‘environment’. Gregoriou’ cells gestate audio sounds, and those cut in half project on their flat surface images of time and life.   

Selected sources:
~ Toumazis, Yiannis. 2009. Sense of Place. Nicosia.