Sense of Place project 

The project “Sense of Place” started in 2008, concluded in 2009, and was an initiative of Hermes Airports and the Bouygues Batiment International Cyrus Branch. It involved twelve contemporary Cypriot artists with an aim of bringing a scent of the rich history and culture of Cyprus to the international travelers. The curator of the project was Yiannis Toumazis, director of the Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre. The project involved both Pafos and Larnaka international airports of Cyprus, and included outdoor and indoor spaces.

The starting point for the artists who participated in the Pafos airport project the myth of Aphrodite. One of the goddess’s most celebrated sanctuaries until late antiquity (3rd-4th centuries A.D.) was at Palaipafos area, very close to Pafos airport. Palaipafos has also provided the archeologists with important Chalcolithic findings (approximately 3.500-2.400 B.C.).

On the other hand, the artists involved in the Larnaka airport project draw their references from the concept of time, due to the long history and culture of the island. The artworks of nine artists are on display at Larnaka airport. All the works are installed indoors with the exception of Theodoulos Grigoriou’ Hourglass and Cells.

Past Presence