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Memorial to the dead and missing

Giorgos Xenofontos Poyiatzi n Kostas Ch. Katalanos  bustn      Giorgos Xenofontos Poyiatzi                               Kostas Ch. Katalanos

Artist: Vasilis Kattos

Location: Agios Epifanios Orinis village. Nicosia district. 

Dimensions: 150 cm x 279 cm x 30 cm

Category: 1974 Coup, Turkish Invasion

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

The memorial is dedicated to Kostas Misiaoulis (Κώστας Μισιαούλης), Kostas Ch. Katalanos (Κώστας Χρ. Καταλάνος) and Giorgos Xenofontos Poyiatzi (Γεώργιος Ξενοφώντος Πογιατζή). It was commissioned by the families of the fighters. The unveiling took place on September 11th 2011.