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Memorial to the Amargeti dead and missing


Artist: Unknown

Location: Zoodochou Piyi church yard. Pafos district.

Material: Stone and brass

Category1974 Coup, Turkish Invasion

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

The memorial is dedicated to Athanasios Georgiou (Αθανάσιος Γεωργίου) who died in July 1974 during the coup against Makarios III, and to the missing Yiannakis Georgiou (Γιαννάκη Γεωργίου) and Arestis Panayiotou (Αρέστη Παναγιώτου). Usually it is only the dead who are commemorated with a bust or a statue, while for the listed as missing it is only their name carved in stone, or a black and white photograph inserted on a pedestal or a commemorative wall. 

Personal notes are usual in these cases. Here, on Arestis Panayiotou’ pedestal is noted “We are waiting for you…”. 

A more eloquent note is carved on Yiannakis Georgiou’ plaque: “Years pass by, but your memory is always vivid. We keep you in our hearts waiting for your coming back. It will be a celebration day, that day. Our wish, Yiannakis, is that this plaque will be soon removed by your own hands”.

Athanasios Georgiou’s bust was commissioned by his family. The unveiling of the monument took place on July 2nd 2006.


Memorial to the dead and missing

Artist: Unknown

Location: Amargeti village square. Pafos district.

Material: Marble and brass 

CategoryEOKA 1955-59, 1974 Coup, Turkish Invasion

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

The memorial is dedicated to Sokratis Chatzievaghelou (Σωκράτης Χ’’Ευαγγέλου) who died during the 1955-59 struggles of EOKA; to Athanasios Christoforou (Αθανάσιος Χριστοφόρου) who died during the 1974 coup; and to Arestis Panayiotou (Αρέστης Παναγιώτου) and Yiannakis Georgiou (Γιαννάκης Γεωργίου) who are listed as missing. The unveiling of the monument seems to have taken place in 1994. It is noted that in family names the X’’ is an abbreviation of Chatzi-.

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