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Argyros I. Drousiotis (Αργυρός Ι. Δρουσιώτης) bust

Προτομή Αργυρού Ι. Δρουσιώτη (1)n Προτομή Αργυρού Ι. Δρουσιώτη (3)n

Artist: Fedonas Potamitis 

Location: Limassol Municipal Park, Irine and Argyros Drousiotis street, Limassol. Limassol district 

Material: Brass

Dimensions: 149 cm x 40 cm x 32 cm 

Category: Public Figures, War Volunteers

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

Argyros Drousiotis had been the head of Limassol high school from 1912 until 1940, and served as volunteer during the Balkan Wars. The initiative for the bust was taken in 1987 by the Limassol Greek Gymnasium graduates of 1939, the Drousia emigrants, the Ministry of Education and Culture, and the Limassol School Supervision. The costs were covered by the Greek Gymnasium graduates of 1939. The unveiling took place on December 3rd 1989. 

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