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Elias Papakyriakou (Ηλίας Παπακυριακού) bust

Ηλίας Παπακυριακού (1)n Ηλίας Παπακυριακού (5)n

Artist: Leonidas Spanos

Location: Makarios Athletic Center Avenue and Elias Papakyriakou crossroads, Engomi. Nicosia district

Category: ΕΟΚΑ 1955-59

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

The initiative for the bust was taken by a private ad hoc committee under the care of Petros Stylianou, Mayor of Engomi. The unveiling took place in 1996.

On the pedestal is written: “Either I will die fighting or I will live in freedom” (Ή θα πέσω μαχόμενος, ή θα ζήσω ελεύθερος).

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