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1st Symposium, Limassol

Costas Dikefalosn Giorgos Tsiaras n

              Kostas Dikefalos                                             Giorgos Tsaras

Giorgos Tsiarasn Kyriakos Kallisn

                Giorgos Tsiaras                                                     Kyriakos Kallis

Nikos Kouroussisn Thodoros Papayiannisn

              Nikos Kouroussis                                    Thodoros Papayiannis


1st Sculpture Symposium

 August 1999

 Photography: Vicky Karaiskou & Evangelia Matthopoulou

Five artists, three from Greece and two from Cyprus, participated in the first symposium.

Costas Dikefalos (Greece), “Cultural Wave”
Costas Dikefalos spiral and wavy forms on stone are characteristic of his work. His “Cultural Wave” refers both to the actual dominant element of water of the seafront, and to the primordial dissemination and enrichment of cultures through sea trade and traveling. 

Kyriakos Kallis (Cyprus), “Sculpture installation”

Kallis’ cross-like installation is based on the use of personal symbolisms and is built on successions of metal strips, wavy lamina and stone volumes. The bull head is the only figurative item symbolizing earth and the vital forces. 

Thodoros Papayiannis (Greece), “Binary Unit”
The two in one figures by Papayiannis bear his distinct style of archaic geometry and rigor. Papayiannis’ endeavors in the Mediterranean culture has profoundly influenced his work since the very beginning of his artistic career and turn his human figures into archetypical totems.

Nikos Kouroussis (Cyprus), “Dialogue with time and space”
Kouroussis’ minimal synthesis is based on two minimal geometric forms, a stone cylinder and a stainless metal triangle providing a cryptic interpretation of time and space.

Giorgos Tsaras (Cyprus), “Gates”
The asymmetric and diagonally arranged gates and the intervention of the ramps in Tsaras’ work challenge the actual and symbolic function of the gate as a passage and a threshold that allows the communication between two opposite parts.


Vasilis Michaelides (Βασίλης Μιχαηλίδης) bust

Προτομή Βασίλη ΜΙχαηλίδη (3)n Προτομή Βασίλη ΜΙχαηλίδη (9)n

Artist: Kyriakos Kallis 

Location: Helioupoli Municipality Park, Dali. Nicosia district

Material: Bronze

Dimensions: 146 cm x 58~78cm x 48~69 cm

Category: Public Figures

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

Vasilis Michaelides was a poet. The initiative was taken in 2000 by the Dali Municipality Board and the unveiling took place on October 13th 2011.


Panikos Pourgouridis (Πανίκος Πουργουρίδης) bust

Πανίκος Πουργουρίδης (1)n Προτομή Πανίκου Πουργουρίδηn

Artist: Kyriakos Kallis 

Location: Moniatis. Limassol district

Material: Copper

Dimensions: 150 cm x 61 cm x 40 cm

Category: Turkish Invasion

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

The initiative for the memorial and its funding was undertaken by the Moni Community Board, the “Panikos Pourgouridis” youth center, and theMoniatis Hunting association “Vikli”. The unveiling took place on July 18th 2004


Christakis Ptochopoulos (Χριστάκης Πτωχόπουλος) bust

Προτομή Χριστάκη Πτωχόπουλ copy n

Προτομή Χριστάκη Πτωχόπουλου (1) n

Artist: Kyriakos Kallis 

Location: Aristofanous St., in the square opposite Agios Nikolaos Drosias church, Larnaka. Larnaka district. 

Material: Brass 

Dimensions: 166 cm x 55 cm x 35 cm

Category: Inter-communal conflicts 1963-64

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

The bust was commissioned by the Prochopoulos’ family, and by Rikkos Pattichis, head of Drosia community and president of the Church committee. The unveiling took place on April 1st 1997. 


Antonis Papadopoulos (Αντώνης Παπαδόπουλος) bust

Προτομή Αντώνη Παπαδόπουλου (3) n Προτομή Αντώνη Παπαδόπουλου (6) n

Artist: Kyriakos Kallis 

Location: Antonis Papadopoulos stadium, Larnaka. Larnaka district. 

Material: Brass 

Dimensions: 181 cm x 103 cm x 103 cm

Category: ΕΟΚΑ 1955-59, Public Figures

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

The initiative for the bust was taken by “Anorthosis” (Recovery) athletic association, the Papadopoulos’ family and Pavlos Pavlakis. The unveiling took place on January 28th 1998. Before joining the EOKA 1955-59 struggle, Papadopoulos was also an educator and a sports champion.

Selected sources:
~Fileleftheros (Φιλελεύθερος), January 30, 1998.


Ihsan Ali (Ιχσάν Αλή) bust

Ιχσάν Αλί (1)N Ιχσάν Αλί (4)n

Artist: Kyriakos Kallis

Location: Georgios Grivas Digenis Avenue, behind the Second World War Volunteers’ Memorial, Pafos Municipality. Pafos district.

Material: Brass

Dimensions: 147 cm x 47 cm

Category: Turkish Cypriots, Public Figures

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

Ihsan Ali was a Turkish Cypriot doctor and benefactor who defended Cyprus’ right for freedom, democracy and egalitarianism. His bust was commissioned by Ihsan Ali Foundation in 2003. The unveiling took place on November 8th 2003.

Selected sources:
~ Αρχείο Δήμου Πάφου (Pafos Municipality Archive) 4.98, documents December 7, 2000; June 21, 2001; June 26, 2003; November 11, 2003; Meeting Minutes March 4, 2003.