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Memorial to the Pachna Heroes

Evmenios Markantonisn Iordanis Iordanous Vakisn                Evmenios Markantonis                                Iordanis Iordanous Vakis

Nikos Sofokleousn Panikos Symeoun

Nikos Sofokleous                                              Panikos Symeou

Μνημείο Ηρώων Πάχνας (7)n

Artist: Unknown

Location: Pachna community square. Limassol district

Category: ΕΟΚΑ 1955-59, Turkish Invasion, Inter-communal conflicts 1967

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

The archaic stele with the pediment crowning constitutes the central part of the memorial dedicated to all the Pachna dead fighters. On an inserted plaque Konstantinos Kavafis’ verses are noted: “Honor those who in the life they lead define and guard a Thermopylae” (Τιμή σ’ εκείνους όπου στην ζωή των ώρισαν και φυλάγουν Θερμοπύλες).

Its unveiling took place in July 1990. Since then four busts were added commemorating four Pachna individual fighters.

The busts of Evmenios Markantonis (Ευμένιος Μαρκαντώνης), who died during the inter-communal conflicts of 1967, and of Panikos Symeou (Πανίκος Συμεού), who died during the EOKA struggle, were unveiled at the same time with the stele.

The bust of Nikos Sofokleous (Νίκος Σοφοκλέους), who died during the EOKA struggle, was made by Philippos Yapanis and was unveiled on October 15, 2006.

The bust of Iordanis Iordanous Vakis (Ιορδάνης Ιορδάνους Βάκης), who died during the Turkish invasion, was also made by Philippos Yiapanis and was unveiled on October 11th 2009.