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3rd Symposium, Limassol

Ahmed El-Stoahyn Kyriakos Rokosn

Ahmed El-Stoahy                               Kyriakos Rokos

Saadia Bahatn Victor Bonaton

Saadia Bahat                                          Victor Bonato

 3rd Sculpture Symposium


  Photography: Vicky Karaiskou

Four artists participated in the third symposium.

Victor Bonato (Germany), “Frozen wave”
The fluid curves of Bonato’s wave make a perfect match with the changing nature of the water they frame, and at the same time insinuate the dynamism of their potential spiral motion.

Kyriakos Rokos (Greece), “Mother of many children”
Kyriakos Rokos decomposes the human figure creating a puzzle of forms and volumes. 

Saadia Bahat (Israel), “Limassol-Haifa, Twin Cities”
The two interlocked marble circles symbolize the two cities, joined by the Mediterranean Sea.

Ahmed El-Stoahy (Egypt), “Couple at rest”
Ahmed El-Stoahy makes a forceful critical comment on the contemporary way of life and the eroded human relations which raise close associations with the Fritz Lang iconic film of 1927, “Metropolis”.