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Memorial to the dead and missing

Προτομή Γιαννάκη Ταλιώτη και μνημείο για αγνοούμενο Τταπολόου (2)n
old location

Προτομή Γιαννάκη Ταλιώτη και μνημείο για αγνοούμενο Τταπολόου (4)n  Προτομή Γιαννάκη Ταλιώτη και μνημείο για αγνοούμενο Τταπολόου (8)n

Artist: Leonidas Spanos

Location: Agia Paraskevi square, Geroskipou. Pafos district.

Material: Marble

Dimensions: 144 cm x 60 cm x 40 cm (the bust)

Category: Inter-communal conflicts 1963-64, Turkish Invasion

Photography: Adrienne Christiansen & Evangelia Matthopoulou

The memorial is dedicated to Yiannakis Taliotis (Γιαννάκης Ταλιώτης) and Michail Chr.Kyprianou (Μιχαήλ Χρ. Κυπριανού).Taliotis died in 1964 and Kyprianou is listed as missing. Taliotis’ bust was commissioned by the Geroskipou Municipality in 1988 and the unveiling in the first location took place in the early 1990s. Due to the renovation of the square, the bust was moved to its current position, next to Kyprianou’ bas relief, in 2011. The new unveiling took place on July 31st 2011.

Usually the memorials for the missing bear only their black and white photographs along with their names. In rare cases, when there are indications of their death, a bas relief is added to the memorial, as is the case here. Busts and statues are ways of commemoration strictly for the dead with only one exception, that of Tasos Markou statues at Nicosia and Paralimni.

Both old and new locations are presented here. The old location image is available here courtesy of Dr. Adrienne Christiansen.

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