Zinon Kitiefs (Ζήνων ο Κιτιεύς) statue

Ζήνων Κιτιεύς (3)n

Ζήνων Κιτιεύς (10)n

Artist: Kikis Patsalos 

Location: Evropis (Europe) square, Athinon Avenue, Larnaka. Larnaka district. 

Material: Brass and Kivides stone 

Dimensions: 130 cm x 220 cm

Category: Ancient Greek and Byzantine legacy 

Photography: Evangelia Matthopoulou

Zinon (334-262 B.C.) was a Greek philosopher born at Kition village outside Larnaka city. The statue is situated in a highlight location of the city, on the Finikoudes beach walk. It was commissioned by the Larnaka “Rotary” Club in 2006.